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Metro is the secure, easy-to-install tracking pixel and form builder that complies with the privacy requirements of HIPAA for the healthcare industry. Send de-identified event data to advertising and analytics platforms with complete peace of mind.

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Breathe Life into Your Healthcare Marketing Analytics

Compare Google Analytics before and after using the Metro Pixel. See how Metro can enhance your data collection, improve your analytics, and drive your agency forward.

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Unlock New Revenue Streams in the Healthcare Sector

With Metro, marketing agencies can now confidently venture into the highly regulated healthcare industry. Our HIPAA-compliant tracking pixel and form builder turn compliance challenges into lucrative opportunities, paving the way for new revenue streams.

Easy to Start
Metro is lightweight and easy to install, ensuring a seamless transition to compliant healthcare marketing operations.
Boost Client Trust
By assuring compliance, your agency will boost the confidence of healthcare clients in your services, securing long-term relationships.
Unlock New Opportunities
With Metro, you unlock the healthcare market. Diversify your portfolio and explore new opportunities in the healthcare industry.
HIPAA-Compliant Technology
Send event data to advertising and analytics platforms securely, enabling informed decision-making without compromising privacy standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Metro?

Metro is a HIPAA-compliant tracking pixel and form builder designed specifically for healthcare marketers. It ensures secure, compliant data handling and tracking.

Why do I need Metro?

If you want to serve healthcare clinics but have been held back by HIPAA privacy laws, Metro provides the solution. Our tracking pixel and form builder ensures your data collection and usage complies with HIPAA regulations.

How does Metro work?

Metro collects event data and sends it to advertising and analytics platforms in a manner that meets HIPAA's privacy requirements. This enables informed decision-making without compromising patient privacy.

Is Metro difficult to install?

Not at all. Metro's pixel and forms are lightweight and easy to integrate into your clients' existing websites.

Can Metro help me acquire new healthcare clients?

Absolutely. With Metro, you assure healthcare clinics that your services are HIPAA compliant, instilling confidence and securing long-term partnerships.

Will Metro sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA)?

Absolutely! We have a standard agreement we provide all clients.

How do privacy policies like Apple's App Tracking Transparency affect healthcare event tracking?

Policies like Apple's App Tracking Transparency have made targeted advertising more challenging. However, Metro's HIPAA-compliant tracking pixel allows healthcare marketing agencies to adhere to these policies while delivering new, high-value advertising services for their clients.

Ready to Unlock the Healthcare Market?

Schedule a demo today and discover how Metro can equip your agency for success in the healthcare industry. Don't let HIPAA compliance be a hurdle - let it be your stepping stone to new opportunities.